After ten years as a professional cartographer in Oregon, it is my honor and privilege to curate this collection of historical map restorations. The originals of these beautiful works of art reside in state and university libraries, federal government archives, as well as the Library of Congress, as they should, since they belong to all of us. Librarians have lovingly scanned these treasures at high resolution and made them available online. But old maps have issues (creases and tears, raggedy edges, hand-written notes, catalog stamps) that detract from the original intent of the cartographic artist. The maps in this collection have all been digitally retouched to a clean, print-ready condition, and then printed full bleed on a nice heavy substantial paper - very authentic feeling, as in fact they are designed to be used as re-enactment maps or period theatre props.

Note: this is an Oregon/Pacific Northwest collection. Even the National maps and the Nauticals of the North Pacific and Alaska were chosen because they pertain to this area. If you are interested in a similar level of research for another area, please contact me for a custom quote at greatmaps@gmail.com.

Thanks and enjoy!

Grace Perry, Living History Maps

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